“Little Lies” or “Bows”


Today I made ​​some great “little lies” …

I mean it, it’s been a few years since I used to bake these for my children, literarly a “bucket” full of “little lies”, or “bows”, as they are called, and I really was craving for some right now.

Not to mention the fact that many people are trying to uncover good things, tasty, simple and much healthier than what is found in the market now, and I’m trying to do so also.

As usual, nothing complicated.

I used two egg yolks, 200 ml of sour cream, a pinch of salt, a little grated lemon peel, a packet of vanilla sugar, and flour, about 400-500gr. I cannot give you the exact amount of flour because it depends on the type of sour cream, eggs, but the idea is that the dough should break away from hands when you knead, and be firm on touch.

I left it to “rest” for about 10 minutes, after which I divided it into 4 pieces.

I sprinkled flour on the table and I stretched the dough with a rolling pin (using flour prevents the dough from sticking to the table or rolling pin),it should be about 2-3mm thick. I cut strips of 2-3cm wide, which I then cut in two also. I cut each piece in the middle and pulled one of the ends through the notch to form a bow. Sorry if it seems complicated but it’s not.

We prepared several bows because they fry very quickly, then I put the pan on the fire and began to bake on medium heat, of course with reliable support around me … Julia and Floria.

I put the bows on a plate on a tissue to absorb the extra oil also, but not necessarily because they do not ingest oil as much.

I powdered a good amount of vanilla sugar, and ate some warm, reminiscing about childhood …. mmmm…

Finally, I wish you the best and bon appetite!


2 responses to ““Little Lies” or “Bows”

  1. Vrem si noi:-):-):-):-):-D:-D:-D:-Do_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_O:-/o_Oo_O:-Q:-*:-XXD:-D:-\:-\:'(:-D:-\:'(:-D:-\=-O:O:'(:-*o_O:'(:-Do_O

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